Circuit Worship: 10th January 2021

Prof. David R. Matthews

The service this week is integrated into a single video. This is the very much easiest way to view the service without interruption – to play this go to:

If you would like to join this service of worship using just the videos playing one after another, you can visit our playlist on Youtube by following the link below:

If you prefer to see the order of service and videos interspersed they follow here:

Welcome and call to worship

Song. Rockfish:

Light of the world


Prayers of praise and penitence.

God of the high and lowly places

wherever we catch a glimpse of your glory,

you lift us up.

In the splendour of sunrise,

in the silence of the stars,

in the grandeur of the mountains,

in the vastness of the sea,

you lift us up.

In the majesty of music,

in the mystery of art,

in the freshness of the morning,

in the fragrance of a single flower,

you lift us up.

Awe-inspiring God,

When we are lost in wonder receive the homage of our worship.

Be with us in the places where we live and work.

Give us the courage to speak of the things which move us.

Help us to share our glimpses of glory

until others are drawn to your light.

Jean Mortimer (alteered DRM)

And a short prayer of confession:

O Lord forgive what we have been, sanctify what we are, and order what we shall be. Amen


Isaiah 60: 1-6

Matthew 2: 1-12

Three Kings from Persian Lands afar


Prayers and the Lord’s prayer

Prayers Of intercession.

Epiphany 2021

(Written by Clare Matthews)

Loving Father,

As we consider the immensity of the problems and the pain currently racking the world, it’s hard to know where to begin with our prayers or to understand how they can possibly make a difference. So we simply offer to you our deep longings for a more peaceful, more fair, more flourishing world – trusting that somehow our longings can be caught up into yours and contribute to the healing activity of your spirit.

We offer our longing for reconciliation between and within the nations of the world

Particularly at this time we hold up to you the United States of America in their turmoil, and ask your blessing on the new leadership as they seek to heal the deep rifts in their society.

We offer our longing for the restoration of health

We hold up to you the vast damage and suffering of the Covid crisis, and ask your blessing on all who are racing against time and exhaustion to bring it under control.

We offer our longing for comfort where there is distress

We hold up to you those who are sick and those who are dying, the frightened, the anxious and the bereaved – and we ask your blessing on all who are striving to offer care and compassion.

We offer our longing for togetherness

We hold up to you those who are struggling with loneliness, and those who feel unwanted or unsupported by society. We ask your blessing on all who are committed, in public and private ways, to building a more caring community where everyone will feel welcome and valued – as they are in your kingdom.

Heavenly Father, help us to hang on to the single truth that you have never stopped loving this world and that in Jesus you chose to become part of it. We thank you for the hope and the promise of his name Emmanuel – the God who is always with us.

Hymn: Wise men seeking Jesus


Organ Voluntary

Organ voluntary: Prelude on the introit for Epiphany (Maurice Duruflé)

Johann Vexo plays the organ of Our Lady of Refuge Church, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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