Circuit Worship: 10th October, 2021

Paul Carter.

If you would like to join this service of worship using just the videos playing one after another, you can visit our playlist on Youtube by following the link below:


Welcome. My name’s Paul Carter; I’m one of the ministers in the Oxford Circuit of the Methodist Church. Whether you’re joining us from one of the churches in our circuit, or a church elsewhere, or no church at all, you are very welcome to join with us as we worship God together.


Eternal God, your love’s tremendous glory (StF 3)


For our opening prayer, there’s a short section with a response; and I invite you to join in the words of that response: “God of creation, we come to you.” “God of creation, we come to you.”

Then there will be a time of silent worship, for praise which you may wish to bring in your own words to God, or for that worship which goes beyond any words we could know.

We bring our whole being before God, safe in the knowledge that God’s love is greater than any of us could possibly imagine. Indeed, God is Love.

Let us pray.

God who sustains life:
                God of creation, we come to you.

God who walked the earth and touched the soil:
                God of creation, we come to you.

God whose breath is among us, between us, in us:
                God of creation, we come to you.

God of the river of the water of life,
God of the tree of life which bears fruit every month,
God of the leaves of the tree for the healing of the nations:
                God of creation, we come to you.


We lift our prayer before God, knowing what Christ has done for us, knowing what the Spirit does in us, knowing that whatever we carry with us to this point, God invites us, God draws us close, looks on us as worthy and calls us friend.

With the breath of the Spirit and in the name of Christ we pray.



Seek ye first the kingdom of God (StF 254)


Amos 5: 6–7, 10–15


Mark 10: 17–31



For our prayers of intercession I’m using some prayers from the Iona Community; and there’s a response. So, to the words “God of justice”, I invite you to respond: “show yourself.” To the words “God of justice”, the response: “show yourself.”

Let us pray.

We cannot escape you
nor will we resist you;
for though your ways are not our ways
nor are your thoughts our thoughts,
it is on your Word and will
that all life depends.

You convert wrong into right;
therefore we trust you,
and so we pray:

God of justice,
show yourself.

Where the hungry go unfed,
while the privileged gorge themselves;
where the poor go begging
while the rich amass greater fortunes;
where tyrants have bitten the dust
but their successors prove no better;

God of justice,
show yourself.

Where the prisoner is not prepared for freedom
and the refugee is not accorded dignity;
where those who are disadvantaged are excluded
and those who are disabled are left on the margins;
where gender, race or religion
are grounds for suspicion,
or confer unmerited privilege;

God of justice,
show yourself.

To those who speak for the voiceless
and defend the persecuted,
to those who protest for a fairer world
and practise simpler living,
to those who share their faith in Jesus
in places where faith is suspected;

God of justice,
show yourself.

And to us,
that we might serve and love you
with body, soul and mind;

God of justice,
show yourself.

God, hear our prayer
and make us willing agents
of your gracious purposes,
in Jesus’ name.



For the healing of the nations (StF 696)


And now may you know
the blessing of the God
by whose grace
you are made worthy,
the God who invites you,
the God who brings you justice.

And may you know that blessing
for you and the people you love
now and always.


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