Extra Material

This page contains supplementary material for worship or reflection
provided by people of the Oxford Circuit and beyond.

A prayer for Father’s Day, from Stephen Maunder:

Almighty God, we praise you that you are close to us, and that through Jesus we are invited to address you as Father.   

We thank you for those who have nurtured us during our lives, for those who have offered us security and guidance and stability.   We give you thanks for the love shown by fathers, and those who are able to offer a father-like care.

We pray for fathers around the world today.   We remember those who are struggling to meet the needs of their families, and who feel inadequate.   We pray for fathers where warfare or disease present a constant threat to the safety and security of their families.   We pray for those who at this time are especially affected by the worldwide virus, and who worry about the present and the future.

Enable each of us, we pray, to hear your call to care for one another.   May your Kingdom of love come on earth as it is already present in Heaven.

In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

Instructions for making a simple kite for Pentecost:

The Together at Home website has many useful resources to support families. Here is some material for Pentecost.

A quiet day resource offered tentatively by Revd Alison Tomlin (former Chair of the District and President of Conference).  Alison has hosted many ‘quiet days’ over the years, and she offers this resource aware that it cannot quite recapture the space and feeling of a quiet day, but hopes that it may be a useful focus for reflection, nevertheless, or an encouragement for people to be creative in a similar way.

Waiting in Prayer in the season of Ascension, a resource for Ascension to Pentecost produced by Michael Mays, local preacher, and John Rackley, associate presbyter, from the Market Harborough circuit in our district.

A reflection by Jan Grimwood, in response to our worship on 10th May.

Thine be the glory, from Tom and Esther Ibbotson

A prayer for troubled times, from Jo Matthews, daughter of David and Clare Matthews.

A reflection on Mark 14: 26–31, from Jan Grimwood

Abba Father, written by Kirstie Vreede and performed by Tom & Esther Ibbotson:

O my Father,
All things are possible for you;
Take this cup of suffering away from me —
Yet not my will but yours be done.

Some prayer resources provided by Margaret Sawyer:

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